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September Block-A-Month

Off Kilter Afghan Block Round & Square 12″   Dahlia Burst 6″  and Esme’s Winter Cottage 12″

Off Kilter (round)
Off Kilter (round)
Off Kilter Square 612 Framed
Off Kilter (square)

Off Kilter had two choices either I could crochet the round center or the square center. I liked the block so much I decided that I would crochet both blocks using solid colors and I’m glad I did, this is a beautiful square that didn’t need any color changes to look good. These two solid blocks are going to make an awesome addition to my lapghan. One thing I did notice is that although I used the same G hook on both blocks I had to make changes. On the round block I changed the last row to a hdc from a sc to a get to 12″ block. On the square I changed Round 9, hdc replaced sc, Round 12, hdc replaced sc, and I added an extra Round of sc. I thought it was wild that there was such a change in the size.

Dahlia Burst
Dahlia Burst

Dahlia Burst is next, what can I say my dahlia looks more like a snowflake ha-ha godda love it! I like these little squares and they are going to look so good in my lapghan.

Esme’s Winter Cottage is a really cool square!  The pattern is well written and fun to crochet.

Esme's Winter Cottage
Esme’s Winter Cottage


Until Next Time,

Keep On Hook’n


Off Kilter,  Dahlia Burst and Esme’s Winter Cottage: Hand Crocheted by Artisan Patricia Geraghty-Gaddis

Thank you to all of the Designers for creating these beautiful squares.

Off Kilter:  Joyce Lewis

Dahlia Burst:  Oombawka Design

 Esme’s Winter Cottage:  Dedri Uys

August Block-A-Month

Cow Parsley 12″  Box Fan 6″ and Tropical Delight 12″

August in October that’s how far behind I am in the 2015 Block-A-Month crochet-a-long (CAL) and that has a lot to do with the colors I chose for these blocks. I was thinking Goth, you know dark and bloody vampire’ish for the two 12″ blocks.

Cow Parsley 12

Cow Parsley 12 612 FramedThe first block is Cow Parsley. Now I’m going to say up front I love this block, it’s a gorgeous lacy block, and I really didn’t know whether I wanted to ruin it by using the colors I had chosen, I mean I could see this square crocheted in an antique white with a rose background or something along those lines. As you can see I decided to ruin it with black a pinch of white and burgundy. When I put this up on the crochet-a-longs Ravelry site I wasn’t sure what kind of response I would get. To my surprise all of the responses on this block have been awesome, some of my CAL mates think it favors a poppy and ya know….. it does! Another wonderful surprise is that the Designer Lettice Rose asked if she could show case this block along with other blocks from talented Ravelers on her Ravelry Cow Parsley page. WOW! EXCITED! SO COOL! Of course I said yes. Ya know, I don’t have a problem being wrong about this square 😀 .

Box Fan 6 612 Framed 2


Box Fan is next. I went with the normal chocolate that I have used on all of the 6″ squares so far in this CAL and now I am out of that color. I will have to figure out another color that goes well with chocolate-brown for the rest of the CAL. With that said this is a unique little square the way the stitches simulate the movement of a box fan. This was a fun square to crochet.

Tropical Delight 12 612 FramedTropical Delight, well I guess this goes without saying that my color choice was anything but tropical, I like how this square turned out. There is a story behind this square and there were people who really went out of their way to bring this pattern to us. One of those folks was Mellie of mellie blossom website who actually rewrote this pattern because a lot of people liked it and wanted to make it, but couldn’t find the pattern. Well,  it was out of print, the story of what she went through to get this pattern to us is on her web site.  Also what was very helpful was a picture tutorial that Laurel of Laurel’s Place created to go with this pattern, in my opinion it was invaluable.  I sincerely thank both of these women for the time and effort they put in to making this pattern more accessible to us, so that we could all crochet this beautiful square.

Until Next Time,

Keep On Hook’n



Cow Parsley,  Box Fan and Tropical Delight: Hand Crocheted by Artisan Patricia Geraghty-Gaddis

Thank you to all of the Designers and fellow Ravelers that helped in the creation of these beautiful squares.

Cow Parsley: Lettice Rose

Box Fan: Donna Kay Lacey

Tropical Delight: Susan Stevens –Pattern Rewrite: Mellie of mellie blossom — Picture Tutorial: Laurel of Laurel’s Place


June Block-A-Month

Fountain of Roses 12″ ,  Wrap Flower 6″, and Rachel Block 12″

Fountain of Roses 12 612 Framed


Fountain of Roses was an interesting square. What I was trying to achieve was the different hues of water coming out of a fountain, I don’t know that I did that, but I think the square as a whole turned out nice. I made no changes to this pattern except for the hook size, which is a G/4.00 mm.

Wrap Flower 6 612 Framed


The Wrap Flower square is really pretty, I love this square. It has a dimensional flower in the middle which makes it unique and fun. I did have to leave the last round of the square to stay true the 6″, but that is due to my crochet gauge not the pattern which is well written.


Rachel Block 12 612 FramedLast but not least is Rachel Block,  this is a pretty flower. I messed up on the petals, I liked the way it looked so I kept it. I also had to leave off the last round to keep to a 12″ square. The way the fpdc and fptrc (front post double crochet and front post triple crochet) look crocheted around the flower on the border kind of reminds me of an Irish or Scottish kilt, I don’t know if anyone else see’s that but I just can’t get that image out of my head.


Until next time,

Keep Hook’n


Fountain of Roses,  Wrap Flower and Rachel Block: Hand Crocheted by Artisan Patricia Geraghty-Gaddis

I want to thank the Designers of these blocks for all of their hard work with out which I wouldn’t have been able to crochet these beautiful blocks.

Fountain of Roses: Shan Sevcik

Wrap Flower: Chassity Oquendo

Rachel Block: Melissa Green


May Block-A-Month

4033 Crochet Square 12″,   Kiss2 12″,  and   Pinwheels Afghan 6″

My Pico 12in 612 framed
4033 Crochet Square

First up is the 4033 Crochet Square which is a MyPicot pattern. I am on MyPicot’s mailing list for their patterns and I get a pattern a week.  Sometimes I will get a pattern for a square and sometimes it is a crochet pattern for a stitch, an edging or a motif. I love the idea that they offer a diagram and step instructions for their patterns, It makes it easier for folks like me who want to learn to read diagrams. There are so many beautiful crochet works from other countries, the idea of being able to share patterns thru the universal language of the diagram appeals to me, I think it is awesome!! This square was nominated as the 12″ filler square in the 2015 Block-A-Month Crochet-A-Long I didn’t know that MyPicot had a Ravelry page until this square!

Kiss 2 12in 612 framed

Kiss2 designed by Sadie Cumings, I love, love, love this block! I did take some artistic liberties with it though, I changed the pattern. So what I’m going to attempt here is to tell you what I did when I went rogue 😀 .

I used a G/4.00mm Hook, the first 4 rows were supposed to be 3.5 inches and mine where 4.5 inches, I liked the idea of the center being bigger so I stayed with it knowing that I would have to omit a couple of rows somewhere down the line.  When I got to row 7 I got really confused with the directions and had to tear it out and start over a couple of times before I figured it out and went on to crochet rows 8,9 and 10 as directed.

  1. Omit row 11 in original pattern.
  2. Count all stitches in row 10 and divide by 4 (there should be 90 sts total ÷ 4 comes out to 22.5) I have 2 sts extra I can either increase or decrease 2 sts on 2 sides of the square, I increased to 24 Stitches per side. We are now going to turn our circle into a square. Please read all directions before starting.
  3. ROW 11 This whole row is crocheted around the BP (backpost) of row 10 except for corners: Attach yarn in any stitch,   Ch 4, 1 TR in same st, (ch4 makes a TR),  ∗ [BPtr around next 2 sts,  BPdc around next 2 sts, BPhdc around next st, BPsc around next 12 sts,  BPhdc around next st,  BPdc around next 2 sts, BPtr around next 2 sts, 2TR in next st, ch2, 2TR in next st, ( one corner made)]∗ 3 more times, 2TR in last st ch2 attach to top of ch4, last corner made.     This is a little tricky: as you crochet along the circle of row 10 you will come across ch sps above the popcorns sts of row 9, replace whatever stitch goes in that spot with a ch st, and then go on to the next st.   EXAMPLE: 2TR in next st, BPtr around next st, ch1, BPdc around next 2st ect…….. so the ch stitch replaces whatever the BP stitch is supposed to be.  Note: You will want to count your stitches to make sure you have the same number on all four sides.
  4. ROW 12 In ch2 sp, ch 3, 1dc, ch2, 2dc (first corner made)∗ [1hdc in next st, 1sc in every stitch across 1hdc in last st before corner, 2dc, ch2, 2dc in ch2 sp]∗ 3 times, attach to top of ch3.
  5. I followed the original pattern for rows 13-16 and omited row 17.

Wheew! I’ll tell ya, my hats off to pattern writers. I do want to ask one thing, if you decide to make this square and make the changes that I did could you let me know how these directions worked for you? I am curious to know if they work!

Pinwheels 6in 612 framed
Pinwheels Afghan

And here we are Pinwheels Afghan 6″ block designed by Kim Guzman, I really enjoyed crocheting this little square, I think it is cute! I don’t know what it is about this chocolate colored yarn it’s going to be very hard to get away from it, I tried on this one, but as you can see it didn’t work.

Until next time,

Keep On Hook’n!


4033 Crochet Square, Kiss2 and Pinwheels Afghan: Hand Crocheted by Artisan Patricia Geraghty-Gaddis

Here is a big Thank You to the Designers

4033 Crochet Square: MyPicot

Kiss2: Sadie Cumings

Pinwheels Afghan: Kim Guzman

April Block-A-Month

Sun Catcher 12″,  SmoothFox’s May Flower 6″  and  Romantique 12″

Sun Catcher crop
Sun Catcher

I know, its July I am running a little late with the crochet along. I had a really hard time with my color theme on Sun Catcher I started crocheting it, ripped it out, set it down and didn’t come back for a few months. When I picked it back up it was with fresh eyes and so here it is. The pattern is well written although I found it to be a little confusing in spots. My advise if you want to crochet this block is to take it slow and easy reread the instructions, reread them again if you need to and you will do just fine.

SmoothFoxs May Flower crop
SmoothFox’s May Flower

SmoothFox’s May Flower, I love these small squares they are fun and quick to crochet.  I have been thinking about making some chocolate fudge cookies and using this as a pattern for the vanilla or cream cheese icing to decorate the top. What do you think, sounds good doesn’t it? Yummy!

Romantique crop

The pattern for Romantique is very well written as a matter of fact I decided I would use this pattern to up my crochet skills. It is stated in the pattern that if you want you can substitute the bullion stitch for the triple and double crochets in the arms of the motif and I have never used that stitch so I decided to try it and I like it, the bullion stitch adds a different look to the square. By the way YouTube has some fantastic video’s on how to crochet the bullion stitch, just do a search for bullion stitch a number of different video’s come up. I also played with the color on this square more than I have in the past. With the Dark Thyme I started the design down by the motif (per the instructions) and then I measured three arm lengths  of yarn and cut the yarn for each of the four sides of the square and I worked off of that as I crocheted each row. That way I only had two ends to weave in for the design instead of two ends per row. Boy did that save some time! The other colors I used were crocheted in by the row, in other words I started and ended the color within the same row. O’ya this pattern is written for one color, I sure had a good time playing!

As a footnote not all of these patterns from the Block-A-Month Crochet-A-Long are free after the month of the CAL, for instance Romantique is now posted at $1.99 USD and Sun Catcher will not be free after December 31, 2015.  As a participant of the CAL the patterns are free to use. Other than that it is up to the designer of each pattern whether they stay free or not. The price stated above is as of this post I cannot promise that it will stay at that price.

Until I post again,

Keep hook’n!


Sun Catcher, SmoothFox’s May Flower & Romantique:  Hand Crocheted by Artisan Patricia Geraghty-Gaddis

Here is a big Thank You to the Designers

Sun Catcher:  Julie Yeager

SmoothFox’s May Flower:  Donna Mason-Svara

Romantique:  Joyce Lewis