Ravelry 2015 Block-A-Month CAL

September 612 Framed

Off Kilter 12″           Dahlia Burst 6″          Esme’s Winter Cottage 12″

Cow Parsley 12 Box Fan 6 Tropical Delight 12 612 Framed

            Cow Parsley 12″          Box Fan 6″          Tropical Delight 12″

Lise - Sweet Sixteen - Denna 612 Framed

Lisa 12″        Sweet Sixteen 6″          Denna 12″

Fountain of Roses - Wrap Flower - Rachel Block 612 Framed

Fountain of Roses 12″    Wrap Flower 6″     Rachel Block 12″

My Pico 12in Kiss2 12in Pinwheels 6in 612 Framed

4033 Crochet Square        Kiss2         Pinwheels Afghan

Sun Catcher SmoothFoxs May Flower Romantique

Sun Catcher     SmoothFox’s May Flower     Romantique

Emmalyn Bobbly Flower Spiro Star

Emmalynn      Bobbly Flower      Spiro Star

February Block-A-Month

Happy Hearts    Corner Cluster 1 & 2    Fall Flower

DSCN0897 January 3 square Pizzazz-Granny4-Prince Protea 816-612 Framed

Pizzazz       Granny #4      Prince Protea

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crochet is the aim, with oils in the frame!

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