July Block-A-Month

Lisa 12″,  Sweet Sixteen 6″ and Denna 12″

Lise 12 612 FramedThis month was different, we have two squares by the same artist. Care to guess which ones? That’s right Lisa and Denna, these two squares have a lot of color changes in them but the patterns are very well written Denna 12 612 Framedwhich makes these difficult looking squares a breeze and a joy to make and if you crochet your ends in as you go, that will save you a lot of time and then you won’t have that yukky job waiting for you at the end. That makes changing colors much more enjoyable! On Denna I had to omit the last two rows and manipulate row fifteen to finish the square and keep it at a 12″ square. On Lisa I had to omit the last row. On both of these squares I went with a G/4.00mm hook which is a smaller hook than what was called for.

As I was crocheting these two I couldn’t help but feel like the colors I chose at the beginning of the crochet-a-long were meant for the Polly Plum patterns which was very exciting for me. Sometimes I don’t think about what I’m going to do with the squares as I crochet them and it’s turning out that I have several color schemes going because of it,  but I will find a place for the squares at some point and time. That is how these squares started out, but just before I started taking pictures of these squares it came to me that they would make great place mats for my dishes which are assorted solid colors. I  like the look of the table with these squares on it, I think they have found their place in my home.

Sweet Sixteen 6 612 Framed


Sweet Sixteen is this months 6″ square and if I would have been thinking about using this square to wrap silverware, I would have used different colors to match the colors in the other squares, but I wasn’t. What I was thinking is that I want all of the 6″ squares to be the same color scheme. These I will use in a lapghan or afghan something of that nature.

Until Next Time

Keep On Hook’n


Lisa,  Sweet Sixteen and Denna: Hand Crocheted by Artisan Patricia Geraghty-Gaddis

I want to give a big shout out to these Designers for all of their hard work and sharing these patterns.

Thank You,

Lisa: Polly Plum

Denna: Polly Plum

Sweet Sixteen: Melinda Miller


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