Circle Of The Sun – The Middle

Here are the next three square’s of the Circle Of The Sun-Mystery CAL, we are now officially 2/3 rd’s of the way through the crochet along woohoo! I am using the same color scheme as the first three Circle Of The Sun squares.

Block 4 Circle of the sun CAL 612 Framed
Block #4

Each weeks square is more detailed than the last. For instance on this square row two is layered by row three (the wine color) and row four (the variegated color), row two is yellow and it is almost invisible unless you look at it from an angle or get a glimpse through a corner of a wine petal.  What this does is give some lift or a bit of dimension to the square while the different colors give a unique look and feel like the rose-pink overlaying the lilac. Maybe its just my eyes, but it appears like the lilac has more of a purple look under the rose then it does over the yellow where I stitched it.

Block 5 Circle of the Sun CAL 612 Framed
Block #5

Block #5 reminds me of a wheel, a different spin on overlay design?  You can see the background colors on this block really well. I think I am in love with this technique, I can  foresee making many different items like place mats for the dinning room table, a nice jacket, Christmas ornaments,  garlands, coasters, Jewelry; Tatsiana of Lilla Björns Crochet World (who is the designer of this CAL) also has patterns for bracelets which are really cute  I figure that would be a good place to start and of course this project is going to be a pillow.

Block 6 Circle of the Sun CAL 612 Framed
Block #6

When I start thinking about the different items I could make using this technique by itself or with other techniques there are limitless possibilities, sometimes to many possibilities, I get stuck thinking about them and don’t get much crocheted!       So far block #6 is my favorite block, there is quite a bit more overlay in it,  as a matter of fact there is an entire row underneath the variegated petals that you can barely see, the hidden row is pushing up the flower in the middle of the square giving it dimension.

For this blog post I have taken a picture of the back of the three blocks so you can see the different between the front and back. For instance the rose-pink spokes in block #6 can not be seen from the back at all.

Circle of the Sun 4-5-6 Blocks the backs 612 Framed

As you can see with the overlay technique you really only have one side that can be visible. It does look completely different then the front and ya my finishing off is a little messy but not bad. The blocks that are made with the overlay technique are fairly thick blocks, they wouldn’t do for a sweater, but would make a great jacket or even a coat. Anything where you may want a thicker crochet this would work beautifully.

Link to:  Circle Of The Sun Mystery CAL

Until next time,

Keep On Hook’n

If you would like to make this using the colors that I used go to my Ravelry Project Page

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