Circle Of The Sun – The Beginning

I started  the Circle Of The Sun Mystery Crochet-A-Long  on June 26th 2015 this one will run 9 weeks one block a week and the end result will be a pillow. I jumped at the opportunity to take part in the CAL when I saw that Tatsiana of Lilla Bjorn’s Crochet World was hosting it. I have seen her work on the web and I love it! She uses a technique called overlay crochet and through this CAL she is teaching us this technique. I am so pumped!

Here are the first three squares finished:

Block 1 Circle of the Sun CAL Framed
Block #1

Tatsiana started us out on this simple block so that we could set our gauge, get used to the way she writes patterns and decide what 6 colors we wanted to use. I am using a D/3.25mm hook my blocks are coming out at 7″ which is bigger then the pattern calls for but I didn’t want to go to a smaller hook. I am going to have a nice pillow!

Block 2 Circle of the Sun crop 612 Framed
Block #2

I am using Lily Sugar’n Cream Cotton, the colors are: Rose Pink, Yellow, Wine, Robin’s Egg, Lilac and Potpourri Ombre. I started the first block with Tangerine, I didn’t like the look with Tangerine so I swapped it out for Rose Pink. I will still be using that first block with the Tangerine in the pillow though, it will lend a little something different, out of the ordinary,  I hope!

Block 3 Circle of the Sun CAL 554 Framed
Block #3

With this block we are starting to get a bit more into the overlay technique with a geometric design crocheted over an existing row. I like the way one block is laying the foundation for a more advanced block as we progress through the CAL and it is easy enough where you don’t have to be a 10 year crochet veteran to learn this technique. Tatsiana has also written in the instructions where to place the six colors you are using in the different squares.  I am liking going with the flow it makes each block more of a mystery.

This CAL has basically just gotten started the 3rd block came out on July the 10th so anyone reading this post if you want to join the CAL you can jump right on in.

Link to:  Circle Of The Sun Mystery CAL

Until next time,

Keep On Hook’n

If you would like to make this using the colors that I used go to my Ravelry Project Page

I love reading your comments!

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