March Block-A-Month

Emmalynn 12″,  Bobbly Flower 6″ and Spiro Star 12″ Squares.

Here they are the blocks for March’s Block-A-Month Crochet-A-Long are they beautiful or what? One of the things I have found out is that I do have a little bit of artistic license with the block-a-month patterns, I am truly appreciative of that.

For instance the Emmalynn 12″ block, I saw a flower and in the center of the flower the spokes reminded me of filaments holding the stamens coming out of the center towards the petals.

Lillium Stamens
1. Stigma, 2. Style, 3. Stamens, 4. Filament, 5. Petal
It’s difficult if not a little tricky to try to make a 3D object out of something flat, but this is what I saw when I looked at the pattern for Emmalynn so I had to try to duplicate what I saw in my minds eye with color. The only changes I made to this pattern was when I crocheted around the flower I crocheted into the back posts with the greens to get the flower petals to pop up a bit. I also crocheted into back post of row #8 with the dark plum, all the back post stitches were made with original stitch from  the pattern.

Bobbly Flower 6″, I love this little square! I have this theme going where all the 6″ squares are going to be chocolate-brown, I’ll work them in with the rose-colored 12″ squares to make a lapghan ( a lapghan is a bit smaller than a afghan).  But, to work this square in all chocolate would do it a great  injustice I felt, so I added a dab of heather. Doesn’t it look like a chocolate cookie with a dab of cream cheese frosting on it yummy! Oh here goes my sweet tooth!

Last but not least is the Spiro Star 12″, I followed the instructions on this square I didn’t need to change anything. Except for the hook size, which I used to crochet all three squares I used a G/4.00mm hook.

Until next month,

Keep hook’n!


Emmalynn, Bobbly Flower & Spiro Star:  Hand Crocheted by Artisan Patricia Geraghty-Gaddis

Here is a big Thank You to the Designers

Emmalynn:  Carol Christmas

Bobbly Flower:  Mad Blanketer

Spiro Star:  Helen Shrimpton

The image of the parts of a flower were taken by:  JJ Harrison and I found it on Wikipedia

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